Ekta Hospital

Ekta Hospital

Eka Hospital currently has over 180 medical specialists
Eka Hospital has a capacity of 500 rooms: 200 rooms in Eka Hospital BSD, 300 rooms in Eka Hospital Pekanbaru.
Annually Eka Hospital cares for an average of 500.000 patients and completes 6.000 surgerical procedures while caring for over 60.000 Medical Check Ups.
Eka Hospital has implemented a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) and a corporate data integration system, which backs up all data residing in different sources. 
24/7 Emergency Room Department
24/7 Pharmacy
Medical Rehabilitation
Helipad Licensed for Medical Services (Eka Hospital Pekanbaru)
Internet network (Wi-Fi) in all the hospital areas
Mini-mart and souvenir shop
Technology Features: Electronic Medical Record, 24/7 laboratory  and radiology
Worship facilities (Musholla)
Large meeting rooms (Function Halls)
Bank and ATM
Lactation room
Mini playground area for children
Eka Hospital offers its unique One Patient, One Room policy, where one patient occupies one private room, to minimize the risk of hospital acquired infection and to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Isolation Room
Isolation room are available for patients with a serious infections that are easily spread. 
HCU (High Care Unit) and ICU (Intensive Care Unit) are designed to provide intensive medical treatment and monitor severely ill patients.
NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) are dedicated for premature babies and severely  ill babies and children.
Stroke Unit
Is equipped with a patient monitoring system and centralized CCTV allowed complete observation 24/7 by doctors and trained nurses.
Our Centers

Eka Hospital BSD's Center of Excellence:

Cardiovascular Center
Neuro Center
Stroke Center
Women & Children Center
Minimally Access Surgery
Eka Hospital Pekanbaru's Center of Excellence:

Cardiovascular Center
Neuro Center
Child Development Center
Trauma Center
Diabetes Center
Eye Center
Special Facilities
Eka Hospital offers an advanced facilities and cutting edge equipments to support the medical and surgical services:

Operating Theaters
Endoscopy & Bronchoscopy
ESWL (External Shock Wave destruction of kidney stones)
Labor and delivery rooms
Medical Rehabilitation

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Our Services

Interpreter Services
Free Wifi
TV in the room
Private rooms for patients available
Parking Available
Medical Records Transfer
Translation Services
Special Dietary requests accepted
Family accommodation
Mobility accessible rooms

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