Dr. Mohammad Hoesin Hospital, Palembang

Dr. Mohammad Hoesin Hospital, Palembang

RSUP Dr.Mohammad Hoesin Palembang was formerly called Palembang General Hospital which operated service since January 3, 1957 which started with simple facilities on outpatient services and limited support services. In November 1957 the ministry expanded with inpatient services with 78 beds, along with the addition of other facilities and designated as RSU Type C.

With adequate service facilities, quite complete specialist doctors and has grown into a place of education paramedics (1959) and Faculty of Medicine Sriwijaya University (1968) then in 1972 RSUP Palembang defined as Type B Education Hospital.

In the field of Medical Education in 1980 RSM Dr.Mohammad Hoesin Palembang began to serve as a place of education Specialist Doctors Sriwijaya University. With the existence of government policy toward some Vertical Hospital to be able to improve its service the problem of RSUP Dr.MohammadHoesin Palembang declared as Swadana Hospital based on the decision of the Minister of Health of RI Number: 1134 / MENKES / SK / 1993 dated December 10, 1993.

RSUP Palembang resmimenggunakan the name of RSUP Dr.MohammadHoesin Palembang dated October 4, 1997 based on the Decree of the Minister of Health RI Number: 1297 / MENKES / SK / XI / 1997.

In the field of organization RSUP Dr.Mohammad Hoesin Palembang has experienced several organizational structure changes one of them in 1994 organizational structure RSUP Dr.Mohammad Hoesin Palembang based on Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia number: 549 / MENKES / SK / VI / 1994 dated June 13, 1994. This change is in line with the change in the status of RS into Unit Swadana.Pada 2000 based on the PP number: 122/2000, RSUP dr.Mohammad Hoesin Palembang was established manjadi Hospital Bureau of the Company, because the change in status then there is a change of organizational structure The existence of regulation of echelonization. Organizational Structure and Working Procedure of Drs. Dr. Mohammad Hoesin P a draft she has been d asark an SK No: YM. dated March 13, 2002.

In 2005 the government's policy on 13 vertical hospitals including RSUP Dr.Mohammad Hoesin Palembang based on SK MENKES RI number: 1243 / MENKES / SK / VIII / 2005, about the establishment of 13 (thirteen) former hospitals of the State Agency (PERJAN) into units Technical implementer (UPT) of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia by applying the Pattern of Financial Management of Public Service Agency (BLU).

RSMH is the main education hospital of Medical Faculty of Sriwijaya University according to Decree of Minister of Health Number HK.0202 / MENKES / 192/2015 dated May 27, 2015 by realizing Academic Health System (AHS). In addition, in accordance with PERMENKES No.HK.02.02 / MENKES / 390/2014 dated October 17, 2014 set to become a hospital


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