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Welcome To Humanheal - Best Medical Tourism Agency

Human heal is not just any other medical tourism company but it believes in genuine help and in the service of society. In a medical emergency or serious illness, people don’t always have the proper knowledge and financial strength to deal with it. That is where Human Heal comes in.

We have an expert panel of advisors who are extremely proficient and knowledgeable in global medical tourism. For people who are willing to seek medical help from countries who can offer them better medical treatment.

Human Heal is a division of GMM Human Care Pvt Ltd and it was founded in 2011 by a couple ofvisionaries, who understood that their knowledge and expertise can help thousands of people and hence they decided to create a common platform to bring seeking Patients, best hospitals, dependable tour facilitators, ministry of health and ministry of tourism together so that the patients can get a better scope for medical treatment.

Human Heal is well respected and has a reliable name in Oman, UAE and African countries as best India based medical tourism company on which they can believe and depend for their treatment.

Human Heal follows the best ethical and professional standards while conducting its services.
The prime policies of operation of Human heal are as follows.

  • At Human Heal we make sure that the international codes and standards are followed in every stage and no ethical or functional codes are broken during the journey.
  • Human Heal believes in providing the best possible service to the patients, visitors and the patients’ family.
  • It is made sure that once the patients are on shore they won’t face any cultural, lingual, or location based issue. All the required arrangements are done before hand so that the patients and their families can focus on the medical treatment.
  • Our experts have years of experience and they arrange the tour depending upon the age, medical and the financial condition of the patients.
  • The prime objective is the wellbeing of the patient and this is the driving motto of our service.
  • At Human Heal it is made sure that the patients are treated with utmost care, respect, empathy and emotional support so that they feel secure and comfortable during their journey.
  • We never negotiate with our quality of service and Human Heal makes sure that every patient is treated with full commitment on every occasion from every member of Human Heal.
  • Human Heal believes in total stewardship to its patients and it is our policy to take care of our patients as a member of our family.

Human Heal puts a lot of time and effort for the medical treatment option for their patients. The modus operandi of our service is that the patients should get the best possible medical treatment which will suit their needs and is made sure that no stone is left unturned for picking the treatment options for the patients.

The main features of the hospitals which are provided by Human Heal are as follows.

  • The hospitals are provided with the individual website along with advance option like EMR (Electronic medical record) where doctors and hospitals can maintain the medical record of their patients and they can track the different stages of treatment.
  •  The hospitals and the doctors will get facilities for publishing their good work with photos, videos and articles so that they get a better visibility and the patients can get to know them well. The doctors and hospitals can even present their available appointment slots and book the appointments via online payment methods through the websites.
  •  The Human heal website is extremely user friendly and easy to follow. The interface is designed to reduce the complexity and made the whole process smooth to follow on every step.
  •  Human Heal spends a lot of money to ensure that the hospitals are well marketed and get the best visibility to the patients both in online and offline mode. Human heal tries its best to connect the hospitals and the patients so that the right patient can meet the right hospital.

Our Facilities

Emergency Care

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Operation Theatre

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Outdoor Checkup

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Cancer Treatments

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Blood Test

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